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What should you know?

Pricing and policies.

How much does Orthoclear cost?

Why wouldn’t someone be a candidate for Orthoclear clear aligners?

Can you treat people under 18 years old?

What is the process to get Orthoclear aligners?

What is your Starter Kit refund policy?

Do you have a referral program?

Do you ship internationally?

Can I talk to my orthodontist directly?

Can I just have treatment for my top or bottom teeth only?

Is Orthoclear treatment covered by my insurance?

About the SmileStudio.

Where are the SmileStudios?

How do I make an appointment?

Can I walk in without making an appointment beforehand?

How long does an appointment take?

Is there a cost for an appointment/missed appointment?

What do I need to prepare before my studio appointment?

How does a scan work?

Is there an orthodontist on site at the Studio?

Is a scan of my teeth better than an impression of my teeth?

Will I see a model of what my teeth would look like?

How long after my scan will I receive my aligners?

What if I purchase my aligners and then find out I’m not a candidate?

Does booking a studio appointment mean I have to buy aligners?

Is the 3D scan of my teeth an X-ray?

Treatment with Orthoclear.

Can I eat and drink in my aligners?

Why were my photos rejected?

Can I talk to my orthodontist directly?

When do I get my treatment plan?

When do I start seeing results?

Can I play musical instruments with my aligners?

How long is the treatment?

Can I exercise with aligners?

What if I lose an aligner?

When do I change my aligners?

Will the aligners cause soreness?

Should I keep my old aligners?

Are the aligners really invisible?

What if I have to get dental work done while in treatment?

Do Orthoclear aligners use attachments or buttons?

How do aligners work?

How is my treatment plan made?

Does the whitening foam hurt your gums?

How long do I need to wear the retainer for?

Am I a candidate?

How do Orthoclear Retainers work?

What should I expect when I receive retainers?

How long do the retainers last?

Do you offer whitening?

How do I clean and/or sanitize my aligners?

Can I get extra whitening?

Can I kiss with my aligners?

What if I have concerns about the way my teeth are moving or my treatment?

How do the retainers look?

What should I expect at the end of treatment?