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No Show Policy

A “no-show” is someone who misses an appointment without cancelling it in an adequate manner. A failure to be present at the time of a scheduled appointment will be recorded and a €19 fee applies.

(Self-care) clear aligner treatment

Successful (self-care) orthodontic treatment is a partnership between the manufacturer, provider and customer. As a general rule, informed and cooperative customers can achieve positive alignment results. While recognising the benefits of a beautiful healthy smile, you should also be aware that, as with all (cosmetic) treatments, there are limitations and potential risks. These are seldom serious enough to indicate that you should not have treatment.

Please read this information carefully. Ensure you know what is expected of you as the customer (or as the parent/guardian of a young customer) during treatment. (Self-care) clear aligner treatment is an orthodontic treatment in which the customer wears a series of custom-made clear, removable trays that gradually move teeth to improve aesthetic appearance and to some extent the bite function (the “occlusion”). This treatment is intended to provide the end benefits of traditional “wired”, “metal” brace treatment, such as straight teeth and improved bite function, as well as the following benefits that are only available when going wireless:

– The clear aligners are clear, so people may not even notice you wearing them.
– There are no cuts or abrasions from wires or brackets, so clear aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces.
– The clear aligners are removable, allowing you to eat, drink, brush and floss with freedom.

Although the benefits generally outweigh the potential risks, all factors should be considered before making the decision to wear clear aligners. If you choose to start (self-care) clear aligner treatment, we will manufacture clear aligners customized for your teeth.

Potential risks of clear aligners are as follows:

– Treatment time may exceed estimates.
– Poor compliance with your provider’s instructions, wearing clear aligners less than 22 hours per day, excessive bone growth, poor oral hygiene can lengthen treatment time, increase the cost, and affect the quality of the end results.
– Unusually shaped teeth can also extend treatment time and affect results. For instance, short clinical crowns can cause problems with clear aligner retention and slow or prevent teeth movement.
– Tooth decay, periodontal disease, decalcification (permanent markings on the teeth), or inflammation of the gums may occur if proper oral hygiene and preventative maintenance are not maintained, whether wearing clear aligners or otherwise.
– Sores and irritation of the soft tissue of the mouth (gums, cheeks, tongue and lips) are possible but rarely occur due to wearing clear aligners.
– Initially, the clear aligners may temporarily affect your speech. Patients generally adapt quickly to wearing clear aligners and it is rare that speech is impaired for an extended period of time.
– While wearing clear aligners, you may experience a temporary increase in salivation or dryness of the mouth. Certain medications can increase this.
– Any medications you may be taking and your overall medical condition can affect your clear aligner treatment.
– Though uncommon, allergic reactions to the material used during treatment may occur. If you believe you are experiencing an adverse reaction, inform your provider immediately.
– Tooth sensitivity and tenderness of the mouth may occur during treatment—especially when advancing from one clear aligner to the next.
– Bone and gums, both of which support the teeth, can be affected by wearing clear aligners. In some cases, their health may be impaired or aggravated.
– Wearing clear aligners may aggravate teeth—previously traumatized or not.
– Existing dental restorations, such as crowns and bridges, may be affected by wearing clear aligners. They may become dislodged and require re-cementation or in some instances, replacement. Before any dental restorations are replaced or added, consult your dentist, as they can affect the way your clear aligners sit.
– Teeth may supra-erupt (come out of the gums more than other teeth) if not at least partially covered by the clear aligner.
– Root resorption (shortening) can occur during any type of orthodontic treatment, including clear aligners. Shortened roots are of no disadvantage under healthy conditions. In rare cases, root resorption can result in loss of teeth.
– In cases of severe crowding or multiple missing teeth, it is more likely that the clear aligners may break. Contact your provider as soon as possible if this occurs.
– Because orthodontic appliances are worn in the mouth, accidentally swallowing or aspirating the aligner—in whole or in part—may occur.
– Though rare, problems may occur in the jaw joint, causing joint pain, discomfort, headaches or ear problems. Inform your doctor of any such problems immediately.
– Clear aligners worn out of their intended sequence can delay treatment results and result in complications including (but not limited to) customer discomfort. Always wear clear aligners in the order specified by your provider.
– In some cases, a “black triangle” of missing gingival tissue may be visible below the interproximal contact when teeth are aligned after being overlapped for an extended period of time.
– Results may relapse if proper retainer wear is not followed as directed by your provider.
– A successful treatment outcome cannot be guaranteed. After the customised clear aligners have been shipped, some cases may require refinement(s) with additional clear aligners to achieve ideal results. There may be additional costs to you if you require such procedures.

Always follow the directions for use (included with each clear aligner package) for best results.

Our S packages includes up to 7 aligner sets (upper & lower) and the retainer for after your treatment. No additional scan is included.
Our M packages includes up to 14 aligner sets (upper & lower) and the retainer set for after your treatment. One additional scan is included.
Our L packages includes up to 24 aligner sets (upper & lower) and the retainer set for after your treatment and our premium whitening (used in the retainers). Two additional scans are included.

* Each additional 3D scan of your teeth after the included scan(s) is €99.
** Dentist fee(s) related to the aligner treatment will be refunded after sending the invoice.

Informed consent & agreement

I have read and understand the content of this document describing considerations and risks of (self-care) clear aligners.

I have been sufficiently informed and have been given the opportunity to discuss this form and its contents with my provider, and to have my questions adequately answered.

I have been asked to make a choice about my treatment, and I hereby consent to receive (self-care) clear aligners for treatment.

I agree to follow my provider’s treatment exactly as s/he plans and provides it for me, and I understand that any questions, concerns or complaints I have regarding my treatment must be communicated to my provider as soon as they arise.

I acknowledge that neither my provider, its employees, representatives, successors, assigns, or agents, have, can, or will make any promises or guarantees as to the success of my treatment or give any assurances of any kind concerning any particular result of my treatment.

I understand that my (self-care) clear aligner manufacturer does not practice dentistry or give medical advice.

I understand that (self-care) clear aligners are custom-made medical devices, manufactured based on instructions from the provider.

I understand that I should always contact my provider regarding my expectations, difficulties, results, or any other aspects of my treatment.

I understand that it is necessary to take impressions and/or intraoral scans and photographs for diagnosis, professional review, and submission to manufacturer in order to create customised clear aligners for my (self-care) orthodontic treatment. I recognize that these will be included in my records, which may include “personal data” as that term is defined and protected by the Data Protection Document. I consent to these medical records being disclosed to my dentist, other consulting dentists and orthodontists, and clear aligner manufacturers, some or all of whom may be located in the European Union, Asia and/or the United States of America, for the purpose of treatment, payment, and health care operations. I agree to the transfer of my personal data outside the European Union. I further agree that my provider and/or manufacturer may use my records for research and educational purposes, but only to the extent that no individual identifiers, including but not limited to my name or address, are used or disclosed.

I hereby consent to such uses and disclosure(s) as described herein. Unless otherwise permitted or required by law, other uses and disclosures of my records, including advertising or marketing, shall be made only with my prior written authorization.

I hereby certify that I have answered the smile assessment questions truthfully and accurately to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that clear aligners are for natural teeth, and that ankylosed teeth and dental implants will not move.

I understand the risks of orthodontic treatment include, but are not limited to, potential loss of bone or gum tissue, loosening of teeth, shortening of tooth roots, and jaw dysfunction or discomfort. Mostly the top 6 teeth and bottom 6 teeth are part of clear aligner treatment. These are considered your ‘social 6’ in dental terms. Chronic usage of anti-inflammatory medications, aspirin, estrogens, or calcitonin may slow or limit tooth movement.

I hereby certify that I have been examined by a licensed dentist within the past six months, have received a thorough dental cleaning in the last six months, and do not have any of the above conditions or any other condition that may affect my medical or dental health or ability to use clear aligners properly.

Additionally, I understand that I have been advised, that my best health interest would be served by having an orthodontic consultation by a licensed dental professional before purchasing any dental aligner or positioning system. I certify that I am over 18 years of age and do not wish to have an “in person” orthodontic evaluation (other than the intraoral scan or impressions) before purchasing the (self-care) clear aligners. In the event that I do not proceed with treatment due to a contraindication or treatment or any other medical reason, I will seek care and follow up with my regular dental professional.

I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bounded by them. I accept that the predictive positioning is an estimated position and I am not guaranteed to achieve these results.

I agree to wear a retainer for 22 hours a day, for 6 months, followed by indefinite use of the retainer at night, to maintain the results of my treatment and promote healing.

I agree to enter into this (self-care) clear aligner treatment and will not hold the provider and/or manufacturer, any supplier, or any member of staff responsible for my medical or dental health.

I will not, nor shall anyone on my behalf, seek or obtain damages or remedies—legal, equitable, monetary, or otherwise—arising from any use of my medical records that complies with the terms of this Informed Consent and Agreement.

I acknowledge I have read, understand, and voluntarily consent to the use of (self-care) clear aligners in accordance with terms of this Informed Consent and Agreement.

Warranties and Disclaimer

Clear aligner therapy is unpredictable. Provider and/or manufacturer do not guarantee a successful treatment outcome. Individual results will vary. Manufacturer warrants that its products: (i) shall conform to the specifications represented in the treatment setup approved by the dental team; and (ii) are free from defects in material and workmanship. Provider and/or manufacturer shall not be liable for: (i) any defects that are caused by neglect, misuse, or mistreatment of its products by the provider, customer, or any third party; (ii) any defects that are caused by failure to follow directions including (but not limited to) wearing clear aligners out of sequence not wearing clear aligners for the entire duration of the specified wear schedule, or wearing clear aligners for less than 22 hours per day; (iii) any products being used in combination with other third party products. Cooling off period: Clear aligners are considered a medical device and are therefore a customised product and are exempt from cooling-off period. Disposing of clear aligners: Customers are warned not to throw out any clear aligners until they have completed their treatment and are also warned to keep the final clear aligner before their retainer in the event the retainer breaks. If you complete the (self-care) clear aligner treatment and your results are different to the treatment plan, we’ll send you up to 7 additional clear aligner steps for €299 / £299 / $399.

Restrictions and governing law

To register with us or use the services and products that we provide on our website you must be over 18 years of age only, and information contained on our website does not amount to an invitation to customers who are under 18 to buy any services or products.

The terms on this website are governed by the Laws of Republic of Ireland whose courts have exclusive jurisdiction is respect of any dispute which may arise.

We retain the right to bring proceedings against you for breach of these Terms of Use in your country of residence or other relevant country.

OrthoClear is a registered International trademark from CC Lab Technology Limited, registered in Ireland. The (self-care) clear aligners are manufactured in the European Union, Asia and/or the United States of America. The treatment setup is produced in the United States of America by Clear Technology, Inc. Each treatment setup has been checked and approved by an orthodontist. On this page manufacturer means CC Lab Technology Limited. Provider means Clear Technology, Inc. or the associated dentists and/or orthodontists that approved the treatment setup. Or a local dentists and/or orthodontist that approved the treatment setup.